Friday, October 3 2014

Rock Your Hoodie

Winter is over, but not is the best time to start thinking of next years clothing line. When it come to Hoodies, not much in style is going to change, or even the cut, so it's a safe bet you're going to sell your product. If you're not trying to line up a fashion line, then you're probably looking to have some uniforms created.

Got a team? Then you probably need t-shirts and hoodies - remember, a bone chilling Fall is just around the corner! The good folks over at 24 Hour T-shirt ( are stoked and standing by to design, print, and deliver your team wear. Not quite ready to order? Head over to their website for some handy design tips.


The newer method of fast screen printing is not for the faint of heart. Screen printing utilizes a woven mesh stretched across a frame with ink blocks to easily and neatly apply graphics onto fabric. It is best-known for a sharp, intricate and polished look that is so popular today on t-shirts and other garments.

Custom T-shirt printing is gaining momentum in Australia and can be designed for almost any occasion - think custom work shirts for employees, sports teams, or ultra cool customized shirts as a gift idea.

Summer is rapidly fading and its time to get your hoodie fix. Hoodies can also be screen printed and last longer than traditional t-shirts, which provides better value for your money. Because they are in fashion, they are more likely to be worn, which means if you give one as a gift, the recipient will get more use out of it.

But perhaps the best reason for choosing a hoodie is the design possibilities. In the hands of a skilled screen printer, hoodies are simply more flexible and tend to offer a larger canvas for expansive designs.

Here's Three Cool Tips for Designing Your Hoodie

It's a hoodie! Use the hood.

^ I love that song!

If you have a logo or some other small design that represents you, your team, or is just hip and cool - why not use the hood? Despite its obviousness, printing on the hood is just now entering the mainstream. Surf the trend and set your design into the hood to attract the attention you deserve.

Try the sleeve.

The sleeve is often forgotten by designers. Want to add some funk to your design? Try running a phrase, tagline, or quote down the sleeve. The design possibilities are endless. Imagine, for instance, a soccer team hoodie with a phrase like "No Surrender" on the right sleeve and "No Retreat" on the left. It may not intimidate the opposing team, but the fans will love it!

Use everything for one fluid design

Some trendy hoodie designers are now looking at the entire hoodie as the entire canvas for their designs, making the hoodie almost into a costume. Think you've got the imagination to create this kind of intricate design? You might be surprised - as more and more people are trying their hand at customizing their hoodies, there are some pretty amazing designs hitting the streets. Want some inspiration? Check out Marvel's website - they offer hoodies based on their character's costumes.


Let's face it - customized hoodies cost a little more to make than traditional one-color hoodies. Still, they are in fashion and if you are looking for something trendy for the fall, winter, and spring - customized hoodies offer you a low-cost, high-impact apparel choice.

Thursday, August 14 2014

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